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Our HistoryAyurveda since 1720

historyCheruvally Ayurveda, Retrieving the 300-year-old Legacy

Our History Cheruvally Ayurveda has its roots as early as 1723, and aims at reviving the rich tradition of sheer Ayurvedic excellence that dates back almost 300 years. The family is a mine of extensive traditional Ayurvedic knowledge handed down through the years. They were renowned for the special oil they produced for treating karappan (eczema). The current generation of physicians, passionate about reaching the masses with their exclusive ayurvedic products and stamping their mark in the vast domain, have completed formal education as well. Eventually, they are equipped with the invaluable traditional knowledge handed down through the centuries, coupled with the right dose of modern science and technology.

Our storyThe history of Cheruvally Ayurveda will remain incomplete without the mention of the Madatheri and Cheruvally tharavad (ancestral home) connections. The relationship between the two tharavads is too strong. Our ancestors' health services were greatly aided by the deities Goddess Bhuvaneshwari, Veerabadhran, and Kandakarnan, as well as the spirit apparition of Madatheri Tharavad's great, great uncle, Madatheri Sankaran Nair (fondly called Shanku Nair). Shanku Nair was a famous tantrik in Kerala and he also served as the Velichappadu (oracle) of the well-known Palapetty Bhagwathy temple. It is believed that he was the greatest oracle of all time.
Madatheri Krishnan Kutty Nair, the elder brother of my grandfather, was a phenomenal trantrik. He expired at a very young age. He has a memorial set up at Madatheri, where the descendants of the Madatheri and Cheruvally tharavads visit to have darshan.

Miracle oil for Eczema ayurveda legacy oil for eczema

For generations, spanning three centuries, the Cheruvally family has been running an informal clinic in its ancestral home for the treatment of karappan (eczema), which is a common skin disease found in children. With profound ayurvedic knowledge, our ancestors have formulated a special oil made from selective herbs and pure coconut oil that proves to be an effective cure for eczema.

The secret ingredients and the preparation protocol have been passed down through generations, and we still continue to prepare this miracle ayurvedic oil.

To give a sneak peak into the recent past, the oil was prepared by Madatheri Raman Nair, the father of my great grandfather. He then transferred the knowledge to his son, Penghat Kunjikrishnan Nair, the father of my grandfather, Madatheri Sekharan Nair. Anil Kumar (Suku) from Cheruvally, inherited this amazing knowledge from his father.
Currently, we are preparing this special oil for eczema in a separate production house. All of our products are manufactured in strict accordance with government regulations and global medical standards.

The oil is quite popular in Kerala, and we have people coming from different districts of Kerala to buy this oil, purely through word-of-mouth recommendations. We also have regular customers who live in other countries. The product has a good shelf life and so they buy it in bulk quantities when leaving the country.

Today, we’ve seen the need to spread our enduring legacy and ancestral knowledge beyond Kerala and benefit more and more people. Moreover, we have medicines for almost all kinds of diseases. That is why, we’ve come up with a website to create a strong online presence and reach out to those in need of an effective cure for their illnesses and to regain their health and overall well-being.

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