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Dr Anusree Ayurveda Doctor Malappuram

Cheruvally Ayurveda at Present

With a phenomenal legacy, Cheruvally Ayurveda is currently run by Dr. Anusree, BAMS, PG.C.Ac, F.A.G.E, PG.C.PK, PG.D.AC, ADN-A, who combines her academic knowledge with the ancient Ayurvedic medical techniques handed down through generations. She is guided by her father, Mr. Anil Kumar (Suku) who inherited the special oil preparation methodology for treating karappan (eczema) from his father, Madatheri Shekharan Nair, a renowned and great tantrik of his time.

In fact, after the demise of Madatheri Shekharan Nair, as per his wish, a memorial (samadhi) was constructed. Those who believe in his power and visions visit his samadhi for darshan and receive his blessings.

Dr. Anusree continues to practise Ayurvedic therapies at her home as well as online for a number of diseases. Mr. Anil Kumar (Suku) supports her with his profound traditional medical knowledge to cure and heal illnesses including psoriasis, infertility, acute back pain, and a range of skin problems. Cheruvally Ayurveda provides excellent skin care programs that do wonders for the skin.

If you need the best online ayurvedic consultation for any disease or discomfort, contact Dr. Anusree of Cheruvally Ayurveda.

Doctor’s Profile

A certified Ayurvedic physician, nutritionist, and acupuncturist, Dr. Anusree presents a unique modern and scientific face of ancient Ayurveda. Having inherited a strong legacy of Ayurveda in her genes, she is passionate about incorporating the inherent ancient knowledge with her acquired medical knowledge to reach out to people suffering from various illnesses and heal them.

At a young age, she is blessed with a mature personality that helps her understand that Ayurveda isn’t just about physical treatment and wellbeing, but does beyond that, involving the mind and way of life. You can see that her treatment reflects her ideology. Moreover, she continually updates herself with the latest improvements and technologies in the medical industry, in order to provide the best line of treatment for her patients. 

Education and Work Experience

Dr. Anusree did her schooling at Vijayamatha English Medium Higher Secondary School in Ponnani and successfully completed her BAMS at the Muniyal Institute of Ayurveda Medical Sciences in Udupi district of Karnataka, which comes under the Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences, Bangalore.

Besides a BAMS, to expand her knowledge and stay more informed and updated, she continually undertakes different courses related to Ayurveda. As of now, she has completed a number of certificate and post graduate diploma courses in Acupuncture, Advanced Ayurvedic Diet and Nutrition, Panchakarma, and Ayurveda Cosmetology. She has also been a Fellow of the Academy of General Education, Mahe, Manipal.

Dr. Anusree has also gained practical exposure and experience in modern Ayurvedic treatment techniques by serving as a resident intern at CSI Lombard Memorial Hospital and as an intern at the Government AYUSH Hospital in Ajjarkkad.

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