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Cheruvally Ayurveda proudly carries a 300-year-old legacy of pure and traditional Ayurveda, and brings forth comprehensive solutions to many human diseases. The impeccable practise of flawless Ayurveda was begun in 1720 by our ancestors, right when the revolution of Ayurveda began in India. Making full use of both traditional practises and modern technologies, we take immense pride in serving the community with our 100% safe, natural, authentic, and chemical-free ayurvedic treatment.

The beautiful part of Cheruvally Ayurveda is that our approach encompasses treating every person holistically, taking into account one’s mental state, age, gender, family medical history, lifestyle, habits, and physical condition. At Cheruvally, we strongly believe that there is no one cure for every person. We understand that you come to us with lots of hope and trust, and we promise you that we will never let you down.

cheruvally ayurveda family
A 300 years old ayurveda legacy
Every patient who comes to us has their medical condition cured miraculously, and they eventually become a part of our Cheruvally family-a happy and satisfied family. No wonder that they’ve been walking adverts of our brilliant treatment and healing techniques!
Kerala Ayurveda
Kerala Ayurved
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Heal Skin Psoriasis
Heal Skin Psoriasis
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Kerala Ayurveda at its best

It is a well-known fact that the state of Kerala is popular for its Ayurvedic treatment facilities and centers.

We, at Cheruvally Ayurveda, make sure that we bring to you the absolute goodness of Kerala Ayurveda practises in the most authentic manner. Our medicines are pure, safe, and natural, and we have excellent ayurvedic therapies for skin care, weight loss, general wellness, psoriasis, back pain, and lots more.

Dr. Anusree, our Ayurveda practitioner, was born into a beautiful lineage and raised with a deep knowledge of Ayurveda. Coupled with the ancient knowledge bestowed by her ancestors, she passionately studied the current medical trends to modify and customize medicines depending on the specific needs of a patient. She is well supported by her father, Mr. Anil Kumar (Suku), who has extensive experience and practical knowledge of diseases and ayurvedic treatment protocols, and together, they produce incomparable results.
Choose Cheruvally Ayurveda, the best Ayurvedic centre in Kerala, to regain your health and become a happy and disease-free person. What’s more, you can also do an Ayurvedic consultation online and get your medicines delivered right to your doorstep!

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